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Below are our pricing menus for quilting, batting and binding, as well as how to estimate the quilting cost and how to prepare your quilt and backing for best restults. Please note that the prices listed below are subject to change without notice. Questions? Get in touch with us and we'd be happy to help you.

Prefer to print out our price list? Click here to download the pdf.

Quilting Price Menu

Our pricing is based on square yards

Edge to Edge
All over edge-to-edge patterns include simple meanders, feathers, swirls, butterflies, and many more! The following pricing depends on the density or detail of the pattern you select.

  • $24/Sq Yd: E2E1-Light Density
  • $26/Sq Yd: E2E2-Medium Density
  • $28/Sq Yd: E2E3-Heavy Density

Trimmed Edge to Edge
We trim the quilt pattern so it does not stitch over any embroidery, appliques, pictures or other parts of quilt top. The rate depends on the number of items that need to be trimmed. This charge is in addition to the E2E quilt charge.

  • 1-5 Trimmed Items $20
  • 6-10 Trimmed Items $30
  • 11+ Trimmed Items $40

Minimum Quilting Fee
Our minimum quilting fee is $49 for quilting service only. Thread, batting and other services are additional. For quilts less than 2 Sq Yds in size.

Add-on Charges:
If your quilt requires additional preparation upon its arrival, the following charges may apply. You will be notified via phone or email before work is done.

  • Squaring backing: $10.00
  • Pressing: $10.00

Custom Quilting - by Appointment ONLY Please call 715.262.2032 to schedule.

Thread Batting & Binding

Quilt Size
Minimum $6
Crib / Throw $7
Twin / Full $8
Queen $10
King $15

Additional Thread Colors
If 2 or more thread colors are desired, there is an additional charge of $10/color.

• $4.00/Sq Yd - 100% Cotton
• $4.00/Sq Yd - 80/20 Cotton Poly

You may also provide your own batting - it must be 6" larger than the quilt top length & width

  • Example:
    Quilt Top = 48" W X 69" L
    Batting = 54" W X 75" L

Customer prepared binding. We are happy to attach and finish your binding:

  • .12 linear inch to Front Only
  • .25 linear inch to Front & hand sewn on back
  • Prepare and finish your binding for $.35 linear inch (2x W + 2x L)

How To Estimate Quilting Cost

  • Measure width & length of quilt top in inches across the middle Ex: W =69" L =89"
    Estimating Quilt Cost Measurement Example
  • Multiply length X width = Total Sq. Inches
    Divide total square inches by 1296 to get the Square Yards of your quilt top
    Multiply by the quilting level you prefer.
  • Examples:
    • 69" X 89" =6141/1296 = 4.74 Sq Yds
    • For Light Density Pattern: 4.74 X $24 = 109.02 + additional items + tax

We strive to keep our leadtime to 3-4 weeks. If you need your quilt by a date within 1-2 weeks, then the $45 fee is applied.

Quilt Preparation for Best Results

Proper Preparation will save us time and you money. By following the preparation steps below, you can avoid time delays and add-on charges.

1. Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
2. Place a safety pin at the top of both the quilt and backing fabric.
3. If you pre-wash your fabrics, pre-wash all of them.
4. Clip all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt top.
5. Square up backing fabric. (See Backing Preparation)
6. Size your backing a minimum of 6" longer & wider than your quilt top.
7. Do not baste, pin, or tack your quilt together. Simply fold each piece.
8. Be sure to remove all salvages when seaming your backing.
9. Be aware that fullness and puckers, which have been pieced in, cannot be quilted out.

Backing Preparation

If wide back is used, please press thoroughly ... wide backs tend to have creases in them.

If piecing the back, place the seam horizontally vs. vertically (unless fabric is directional). Vertical seams can cause tension issues.

Remove salvage edges on both pieces to be seamed - use 1/2" seam and press open.
Please make sure backing is square.

Backing Preparation Example

**Example applies vertically as well

The same applies to "pieced backing", if using large pieces of fabric to create backing, please make sure to square up and make it 6" longer and wider than quilt top.